Travis & Jen Skavhaug

 "Alaska has been both a dream-destination and a labor of prayerful destiny. What started off as a "man it would be cool to live there" has turned into "I can't imagine God calling us to serve people in any other location on earth." Our ultimate dream for Anchorage, the state of Alaska, and beyond is to play a role in seeing transformational life-change in every person of every nation and in every generation."

Highlights about Travis and Jen:

* 6 years of full-time pastoral ministry.

* Jen is the author of a self-published book

"Pursued: with Relentless Love".

* Travis is a PT Gaming content creator on Facebook Gaming (fb.gg/karusso03).

* Both hold earned master's degrees.

* Jen is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 7 years of counseling experience. Find her at jenskavhaug.com 

* They are parents to one adult child, and four fur-babies: two Siberian Huskies, and two house cats.




A significant part of the process in launching Legacy Church is our vision to create a church that strives to excel at the basics of following Jesus. To us this means focusing on the five primary objectives listed below.

Experiencing God

We will create environments where people can experience God's presence and respond to the gospel's call of salvation and transformation. This includes a corporate worship style marked by celebration, energy, reverence, Biblical integrity, and prayer.

Making God Known

We will make every effort to be as simple and creative as possible to tell people about Jesus and invite them into the life of God. Special attention will be given to encouraging and equipping people to share the good news on a personal level, as well as event based evangelistic efforts.

Developing People

Relationships within small groups will be the driving force and DNA of Legacy Church. We will provide people the opportunity to develop as followers of Jesus who are marked by faith, obedience to God, Bible knowledge and engagement, prayer, worship, generosity, serving people, leading people, and sharing the good news of Jesus.

Launching Churches

We believe that new churches are one of the best ways to spread the good news of Jesus. From the very beginning we will set a course to be a church that launches new churches. Multiplication will be part of who we are and what we do. Our goal is to launch one church every three years.

Serving the City

We will partner with and work alongside the city of Anchorage to meet the needs of its citizens. This means providing volunteers for city-operated events, creating new ministry where none exists, assisting current non-profit organizations with their efforts, and collaborating with other churches to serve the city.



  • Move to Alaska (May 2021)

  • Fundraising, recruiting & promotion

  • Learn culture, community, and life in Anchorage

  • Create and develop both personal and professional relationships

  • Involvement in regional Assembly of God functions


  • Launch Church Online

  • Launch Small Groups

  • Launch Serve the City events (local missions)

  • Fundraising, recruiting, team building & marketing.

  • Purchase equipment and materials

  • Begin leadership development for staff

  • Small group leader training

  • Preview nights for vision casting

  • Practice for live church services


Year 1 of Legacy Church

Sept 2022 - Aug 2023

  • Launch Sunday - Sept 2022

  • Online Church continues

  • 5 Small Groups

  • 1 Monthly Serve the City event

  • 1 annual project with Alaska Outreach

  • Support 5 missionaries

  • Begin planning for new church launch

Year 2 of Legacy Church

Sept 2023 - Aug 2024

  • 10 Small Groups

  • 1 monthly Serve the City event

  • 1 annual project with Alaska Outreach

  • Support 10 missionaries

  • Christmas outreach event

  • Easter outreach event

  • Planning, training, and funding for new church launch.

Year 3 of Legacy Church

Sept 2024 - Aug 2025

  • Launch new church

  • 15 Small Groups

  • 2 monthly Serve the City event

  • Annual project with Alaska Outreach

  • Support 15 missionaries

  • Christmas outreach event

  • Easter outreach event

  • Planning, training, and funding for new church launch

  • 1st international missions trip