Meeting together in small groups is the heart of who we are and is the primary mechanism for growing as a church.

Our desire is for people to first attend a small before ever stepping foot in our meeting space on a Sunday morning. Why? Because we value developing relationships in a relaxed setting where people can make friends, have fun, engage in important conversations and encourage one another in the faith.


Find a group to meet with today! 



God has great plans for your life! 

We love you too much to watch you stay who you are and where you are - since God has good plans for you, we want to facilitate your capacity to grow into His plans. 

Spiritual Growth

- Knowledge of God

- Reading, Studying and Understanding the Bible

- Prayer

- Spiritual disciplines such as fasting, solitude, etc (spiritual disciplines book by Richard Foster)

Emotional Growth

- Interpersonal relationships

- Dating and Marriage

- Parenting

- Friendships (being a good friend and making good friendships)



You are part of a heavenly family and kingdom that exists to share the message of Jesus with every person in the world.

You can make an eternal impact in people's lives by how you live (character), what you give (generosity), where you go (mobility) and whom you send (missions).

Areas of Influence:

Local - home, work, school, free time

Regional - state, region, country

Global - every hemisphere and country

Categories of Activity:

Character - living-out Godly morals and ethics in a world craving them.

Generosity - giving your time, effort, expertise and resources to assist in spreading the message of Jesus. 

Mobility - be ready to share Jesus with people where ever you go. Who knows, maybe God will ask you to relocate to share Jesus with specific people. 

Missions - pray for, give financial support and participate in both short-term and long-term efforts to build churches, preach the gospel and change lives.