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Partner With Us

Launching a new church cannot and should not be done alone - heaven will be populated with people by your investment of prayer, giving, and involvement. Your partnership will lead to life transformation for people in generations to come. Every single prayer, dollar and life invested into the work of Legacy Church will be met with extreme gratitude and daily dedication to leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus. 

3 Ways to Partner with Us

Everyone can PRAY 

The best and most important way you can be involved in Legacy Church is through prayer; Sincerely! 

Click HERE to join our Prayer Team and be subscribed to our Prayer Team email list. You will receive regular updates regarding events, needs, upcoming meetings, celebrations, testimonies, and more! We promise not to overload your inbox; we will send two types of emails: monthly newsletter and urgent needs.

Many will GIVE

Visit our GIVE page for details of our current and projected budget and the types of commitments that we are seeking. Any donation of any kind and any amount is accepted with complete joy and humility, regardless of amount or occurrence! Thank you!

We have an overall 5 year goal of raising $434,500 for the launching of Legacy in September 2022 and for the first three years of operational expenses. Donations from those outside of the Legacy Church family are incredibly important to these efforts. Research shows that it takes a new Christian and a Christian who is new to a church an average of 18 months to begin giving regularly. Building up a savings of finances for those first few years will help alleviate any financial pressure on the church as we get started.

Some will JOIN

Interested in joining the team? Whether you live in Anchorage, a nearby community, somewhere in-state, in the lower 48, or somewhere else in the world, we want to hear from you! Connect with us to set up a time to chat about who we are, why you are interested in joining Legacy Church, and how we can work together in leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus.

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