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One great way to grow in your relationship with Jesus is by learning and doing life together with other Christians. We provide opportunities for you to connect with people through two main types of groups: Hangouts and Grow Groups. Hangouts are relationship centered groups specifically intended for you to have fun and hang out doing something you enjoy. Grow Groups are sessions designed for intentional learning and spiritual growth.

Grow Groups happen on a trimester cycle (summers off) giving you the chance to participate in a group without a long-term commitment.


We offer a rotating and often changing selection of group opportunities for you. To find a group that meets what you are looking for, visit on our Upcoming Events page.

Hangouts are relationship event centered designed to build relationships in the context of community. We do anything from knitting to hiking to book clubs to going to the gun range - basically, if someone has fun doing something and wants to host/lead a group ... that group is available!

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Grow Groups are designed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus through intentional learning courses covering topics like Bible study methods, basics of Christianity, developing stronger spiritual disciplines, financial management, parenting, marriage enrichment, and more.  

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