We primarily preach through books of the Bible verse by verse for the purpose of teaching the whole council of God, addressing the topics and desires of God rather than those solely selected by our leaders. Why? Because we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God providing us with the understanding of the person and nature of God, instructions for how to live a Christian life, inspiration for difficult seasons of life, and the power for life transformation and ongoing growth in our relationship with God. 

Current Series

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In this series of 18 messages through the book of Philippians we will explore what it looks like to live a life with Jesus. Philippians is often called the Epistle of Joy as it focuses heavily on the gospel, matter of fact Paul repeats the word “gospel” over and over again, using it six times in the first chapter alone. While imprisoned in Rome, Paul was reflecting upon the ministry that had taken place in the city of Philippi. It was an urban context where the gospel was proclaimed, it took root, and bore precious fruit in the years that followed. It all started among a group of women on a riverbank, and from there, the gospel continued to spread. The good news, the message of hope and life even made it down to the city’s innermost prison. The gospel was powerfully changing people and a church ultimately established.

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