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We primarily preach through books of the Bible verse by verse for the purpose of teaching the whole council of God, addressing the topics and desires of God rather than those solely selected by our leaders. Why? Because we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God providing us with the understanding of the person and nature of God, instructions for how to live a Christian life, inspiration for difficult seasons of life, and the power for life transformation and ongoing growth in our relationship with God. 

Current Series

Gospel of Mark Series Graphic

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In this sermon series, we will witness the life of Jesus through the eyes of the apostle Mark, who likely compiled stories along with the apostle Peter. In this verse-by-verse expository teaching series, we see how Jesus lived as King and Servant, as both divine and human. The account of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark stands as an example for all believers to love all and serve all. Our hope and prayer is for you to be inspired and encouraged through every message of this series.

This Weeks Message

Previous Messages

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Gospel of Mark Series Graphic
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