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Our coffee is also our purpose - to Make God Known. This organic signature blend features beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia that will help give you the boost of inspiration - and caffeine - you need to start your day right. 

​100% of the proceeds go to support two organizations:


Project Ignite Light and Legacy Church in Alaska. 


  • Project Ignite Light is an organization based out of North Dakota through which children are provided important items needed when they are examined by their Local Advocacy Center or Hospital for Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse or Neglect. 

  • Legacy Church is a new church opening in Anchorage, Alaska in Sept 2022, founded by Travis & Jen Skavhaug.


You are looking for a way to support and promote a brand new church ... and we are coming through!

Check back here or on our social media platforms for an announcement on release date. We will have a couple options to start.

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Pursued with Relentless Love

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                                                                                    "God’s loving pursuits towards His children are indeed both relentless and                                                                                            redemptive. This intimate and inspiring book is a poignant, personal and                                                                                              powerful demonstration of the gospel message which came alive in real life.                                                                                        Jen’s life. Her story is vivid and visceral, graphic and gripping, awesome and                                                                                        amazing.

                                                                                    I had the privilege to get to know Jen Skavhaug several years ago while                                                                                                teaching in a graduate counseling program where she was a student. Her                                                                                            passion for the gospel and for serving others was readily apparent, and it was                                                                                      a joy to observe her thirst for learning and quest for personal growth. It is                                                                                              indeed a special privilege for me to have the opportunity to honor her, and                                                                                          the Pursuer of her soul by writing this wholehearted endorsement of her                                                                                              wonderful book.

                                                                                    The reader will be spellbound by Jen’s disarmingly candid self-disclosure of                                                                                          her struggles, doubts, fears and pains and how she allowed her Heavenly                                                                                              Father to faithfully love her throughout her personal trials, traumas and tragedies. Hers is a captivating first person account of a life radically arrested and revolutionized by God’s love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. As a result, you will be blessed. In these pages you will discover how our Father marvelously and miraculously transformed blessings out of her brokenness by providing help, healing and hope to her hurts. These mind-blowing modern-day miracles are not only fascinating to read about, they are faith-building.

As Jen invites you to walk alongside her on her spiritual, emotional and relational journey, you will be inspired to know the heart of the Father more faithfully and fully. These divine experiences will hopefully motivate you to experience more of the supernatural love of the Father yourself, and consequently pass that knowledge, and this book, on to others."

- ​Jared Pingleton, Psy.D., ​Vice President of the American Association of Christian Counselors

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